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Droëwors | Dried Sausage

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The perfect snack with every Rugby match. Best enjoyed with a cold one or just a snack to enjoy at any time.

When talking about South African food, traditional droëwors is one of the first things that springs to mind. The coriander-seed spiced dried sausages have always been a feast to the taste of food lovers. But, what is Droewors? It’s a is a 400-year old traditional South African beef snack, cured in a unique and highly nutritious way by the South African climate. It is different from Biltong, in both taste and preparation.

Not to be confused with biltong, even though it is similar in many ways: in fact, these are small thin beef sausages with the addition of a very small amount of beef fat (no more than 5%), salted and spiced (black pepper and coriander as in the biltong recipe but also nutmeg and cloves), as well as malt vinegar. Once marinated, the tiny sausages are hung up to dry completely when they can be snapped apart quite easily.

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