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Tasty traditional biltong made by South African's for that South African flavour.

100% South African Spices.

Vacuum sealed in 500 gram bags.

Bille+thonge. "Biltong" literally means "meat strips or tongues" and derives from the combination of two nouns originating from Middle Dutch (widely spoken between 1150 and 1550): "bille" (further contracted to "bil"), which indicates a hind quarter cut of beef corresponding to the rump and "tonghe" (later shortened to "tong") which stands for "tongue" in the sense of "strip".

Biltong is quite unique and has no equal. It is a mistake to confuse it with jerky. In fact, there are some considerable differences between the two products. First of all, biltong is not smoked while jerky is; then the recipe for biltong always requires vinegar along with salt and spices but vinegar is never used in jerky. Prior to curing, the meat is also cut differently: large cuts are used to make biltong and then, if required, they may be cut into thin strips; on the other hand, jerky starts out as thin strips which are then cured and smoked. Finally, the fat content is different: very lean meat cuts are used for jerky while the percentage of fat in biltong may even be as high as 30% of the total weight.

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